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Kirk's Fire Investigation (7th Edition)

Kirk's Fire Investigation (7th Edition), by John D. De Haan and David J. Icove. As fire investigation continues to evolve, author John DeHaan, a forensic scientist with extensive experience in all phases of fire and explosion, is joined by recognized forensic fire engineering expert David Icove for the 7th edition of Kirk’s Fire Investigation, the leading and most widely read textbook in the field of fire investigation. With today’s investigators being held to higher standards than ever before, this text, written to the FESHE curriculum, details the “need-to-know” investigation skills and includes special topics such as lab analysis, fire deaths, and explosions while offering correlation to both the NFPA 921 and 1033 guidelines. Presenting new case examples, updated chapters with Key Terms and Review Questions, color photographs, as well as reorganized appendices and a robust supplements package in MyFireKit for both students and instructors, this adventurous new edition is written to improve the skills of all investigators and help them find the right answers for the right reasons. Click here for more information or to order.

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While readings like these would benefit those who have the time to buy a book and read it at home, there are also readings available on the internet regarding a fire investigation.


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